Squarespace: Manage Your Basic Settings

  How-Tos, Squarespace

1. Go to squarespace.com/login and sign-in to your website.

2. On your home page you will have your setting options in a side bar to the left

3. Click on the Settings option to edit or see information like billing, domains, email, shipping taxes, and many more.

4. Below are brief descriptions of each topic under the Settings tab:



Business Information – allows you to edit your business information and tax code info

Regional – choose your business region within the world

Permissions – add other users and authors through Permissions and defines site ownership

Billing & Accounts – has your Squarespace plan info and gives you’re the ability to change your plan, view invoices or even delete your site



Basic Info – change your business type and description

Domains – add another domain or connect to a different one

Email – manage email accounts

Connected Accounts – connect to social media accounts

Marketing – take social a step further with allowing share and pin buttons, etc.

SEO – manage your title and description for SEO purposes

Blogging – manage your formatting options for your blog

Security & SSL – change security setting or create a site-wide password

Advanced – this settings manages more development options like code injections and URL mapping. See the Squarespace support for more in depth info on these



Payments – manages your payment options (paypal, stripe, etc.) and currency type

Checkout – view and/or change your checkout settings. See https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206540957 for more information

Notifications – edit response emails to purchases, inventory level adjustments and customize email template

Shipping – label printing and shipping options for customers

Taxes – to choose what taxes apply to your store

Accounting Setup – optional connection with Xero to manage accounting

Donations – configure response to a donation


For more support options go to click here.