Squarespace: Manage Your Products/Store

  How-Tos, Squarespace

1. Go to squarespace.com/login and sign-in to your website.

2. On your home page you will have your setting options in a side bar to the left

3. To edit your ecommerce settings, click on the Commerce option.

4. The home settings will be replaced with the commerce settings in the sidebar.

5. Orders allows you to review all your orders through the site.

6. Inventory is where you can manage your product pages, inventory and add a new product.

7. Customers will show you the customer info for those who have purchased products from you.

8. Discounts is where you can manage or create promotions

9. Click Home in the upper left hand corner of the page to navigate back to your home page.


For more support options go to click here.