RedTree Drag-Drop: Update A Page

  How-Tos, RedTree Drag and Drop
  1. Sign into your website’s back end.

2. From the side bar navigation click on the Pages icon and then click on the page you would like to edit.

3. Once on the page, hover over the section or area you want to edit and click to pull up the Edit settings.

4. You will be able to edit the entire “Block” which is the larger container that stretches from side to side and includes spacers whatever other elements you want. Or, you can edit the individual sections within the block.

5. Your editing options will include being able to change the number of columns, to copy the section, delete the section, add an animation, edit, etc.

6. If you are unsure what an icon means hover over it and the function description will pop up.

7. If you would like to add a new element, go back to the side bar navigation and click on the “Widgets” icon. This will pull up all the options for new elements to add to your page.

8. Drag and drop the element into your page and the settings fro the element will automatically come up for you to modify.

9. If you want to move any sections around, click on the element and drag it around your screen to the new location you want. A blue line will indicate where the element can be placed.

10. After making any changes, you can Discard the ones you don’t want or save them in permanently. If you don’t click the Save Changes button at the top of the screen, any edits you make will not be saved.