RedTree Drag-Drop: Add/Change an Image

  How-Tos, RedTree Drag and Drop

1. Sign into your website’s back end.

2. From the side bar navigation click on the Pages icon and then click on the page you would like to edit.

3. Once on the page, from the sidebar navigation click on the Widgets icon. Find the image widget from the slide out menu.

4. Click and drag the image widget into the area you would like it to be. The blue lines that appear while moving the image around the page will indicate where the element is allowed to go.

5. Once placed, the settings will automatically pop up.

6. Click the red plus icon to select an image from the File Manager.

7. If your file has not been added yet, click the Upload a File button or drag and drop the image in.

8. Click on the image you want and click the red Select button in the lower right corner.

9. Now back not he page you can modify a few options from the image settings including stretching the image to fit the width of the container or adding an Alt Tag (always recommended).

10. Once your image is in you can click back to the main page to exit the settings box. Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the top of the page so you edits will not be lost.