How To Set Up Existing Site on your Local Folder (Dreamweaver)

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1. Go to and Find the Client’s General Folder. This will contain the logins that you need.

2. Go to Dreamweaver and in the top menu choose the third symbol » New Site

Screenshot 2015-03-03 15.40.27

3. Site Name: Clients Name

4. Beside Local Site Folder choose the folder icon and create a new folder for the client

5. On the left hand side, choose Servers

6. Once you are here, click the plus symbol in the bottom left side

7. Server Name: Remote Server

8. Fill in all the FTP information from LastPass ( FTP, Username, Password ) and hit test

9. Hit Save to finalize this.

10. Once you have connected to the Remote Server you want to pull down the site so that all the files you need will be on your local server.

Note: You should always make changes/updates in your local folder first and get approval from client/project manager before making anything live on the web. To do this follow these steps:

1. Open up the page you are changing(pagethatneedsupdates.html), go to File save as and save as something new (pagethatneedsupdates-NEW.html). That way you can make changes to this page and you will have a backup incase you make a mistake!

2. Make all changes to the page and save.

3. Make this page live (put up on web). Since it is not a part of the current navigation on the site, noone will see this unless you send them the link.

4. Send link to client/project manager for approval (

5. Once this page is approved, all you need to do is save the test page (pagethatneedsupdates-NEW.html) as the actual page name (pagethatneedsupdates.html) and put this page up. This will replace what is currently on the site with all of the updates you have made.


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