How To: Relist Your Listing

  Visit Carnegie
  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “My Account” in the footer






3. Enter Login info and click Login button











4. From home dashboard click “My Listings” tab and a separate tab will come up showing your listing.









5. Your Listing will show “(Expired” next to the Title. Look to the left for the “Relist” button and click it.








6. You will be redirected to the Subscription page where you will click the “Get Started” button for the package of your choice.














7. Once you click that button, your previous listing info will be automatically added to the new listing form. You can choose to change whatever information you would like or keep it exactly as it was.













8. Once you have changed what you want, scroll to the bottom and click the “Preview” button.










9. If it looks how you would like, continue on by clicking the “Submit Listing” button. If you have further changes, click the “Edit Listing” button.













10. Now you will be taken to the payment page where you will fill out your information and pay with whichever option you would like.













11. Once payment has been verified, your new listing will be established. You can login to edit your new profile following steps 1-4 above.