WordPress: Add a New User


The Users Add New Screen allows you to add new users who can login to your site.


Add New User

Username (required)
Enter the username of the new user here. This will also be used as the Login name of the new user.

E-mail (required)
Enter a valid e-mail address of the new user here. The e-mail address must be unique for each user.

Password (twice)
Enter a password for the new user twice here, once in each text box. Strength Indicator needs to be at green for more security. 

Send Password?
Check the box to Send this password to the new user by email.

Select the desired Role for this User from the drop-down box.
Admin: Full Access
Editor: Update Posts & Pages, Set Categories and Manage Comments
Author: Update/Delete/Manage Posts

Add New User
Click this important button to save the new user’s information into WordPress’ database. If you don’t click this button, the user will not be added. A flash message at the top of the screen will advise you that the new user has been added.