How to Update WordPress & Plugins (WP Engine method)

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Instructional video:

  1. Log into your site’s wp-admin portal
  2. On the left side at the top, hover over WP Engine and click Legacy Staging
  3. Click the blue button: Copy site from LIVE to STAGING.
  4. Wait for the staging site to finish being built. You’ll have to refresh the page, but eventually you should see Staging Status: Ready!
  5. Click the link for your staging site to launch it.
  6. Append /wp-admin/ to the staging site URL.
  7. Log into your site – the logins are the same as your live site’s.
  8. Now you can safely update WordPress, plugins, and themes, without affecting your live site.
  9. At the top of the page in the black admin bar, you’ll see an icon of two arrows in a circle (like the “refresh” symbol) with a number next to it. Click this button – it will take you to your updates page.
  10. The Updates page is split into multiple sections:
    1. WordPress updates (updates to the core WordPress software)
    2. Plugin updates
    3. Theme updates
  11. Start at the top and work your way through the updates.
    • NOTE: Under Theme updates, if the theme The Core requires updates, do not update it.
    • NOTE: Some updates require what are called “Database Updates”. After updating WordPress or a plugin, check the page notices any messages about updating the database. If there are any, follow the message’s instructions.
  12. Once all the updates are finished, go through your staging site page-by-page and make sure everything looks okay. If your site has unique functionality such as a special form, event booking, or portfolio, make sure to test this functionality and make sure it still works.
  13. If the updates have resulted in a large problem that breaks your site or makes it unusable in any way, please contact us to troubleshoot.
  14. If you’re satisfied with the updates, you can deploy the site from staging to live. BE SURE everything is working properly, because once you deploy, you can’t revert without our help. Follow the steps below to deploy.
  15. Return to your live site’s wp-admin portal, and return to the WP Engine Legacy Staging page.
  16. Click the red button: Deploy site from STAGING to LIVE.
  17. Under Database Mode, select “Move All Tables”.
  18. In the Email to Notify field, enter your email.
  19. Start the deployment.
  20. You’ll receive an email when the deployment is finished. Your updated site is now live.